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Jordanian Judical System

The effective Judiciary System is the vehicle with which the country establishes justice among the people, and establishes the value of integrity, equality and equal opportunity, as well as maintain the citizen rights and liberties as stated by the Constitution, and guaranteed by the country’s rules and the regulations.


Judicial Council

The Judicial Council has the legal authority to manage and supervise all judges in the Kingdom on matters related to employment, mandates, loans, promotions, transportation, accountability, discipline, and referral to retirement.



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Judicial Authority Strategy

Impartial, competent, effective and outstanding Judicial Authority; trusted by society and is the guarantor of rights and freedoms, founded on the rule of law, and the state's power, supporting reform and integrated development efforts.


The Technical Office

The Technical Office of the Cassation Court was created in accordance with regulation number (7) for the year 2010, enforced on 18/04/2010, and imposed under article (12) from the Regular Court Formation Law number (17) of 2007.


Strategic Plan