1. Enhance institutional independence of the judiciary
2. Provide a judicial environment supportive of the individual independence of judges
3. Strengthen the capacity of the Judicial Inspection body and develop its work methodology
4. Build the institutional capacity of the Judicial Institute of Jordan
5. Strengthen and enhance the role of Administrative Units to support the work of the Judicial Council
6. Strengthen and develop the Technical Office
7. Strengthen and develop the capacity of the State Lawyer Department

1. Enhance the capacity of judges by building their knowledge and skills
2. Objectively and effectively develop the monitoring and accountability system of Judicial Inspection
3. Improve the quality of court judgments
4. Reduce litigation time
5. Guarantee the speedy enforcement of completed cases to achieve timely justice
6. Reduce the caseload of courts and improve its performance
7. Develop the administrative justice system

1. Strengthen the public prosecution body and enhance the capacity of its judges
2. Develop the “criminal justice” system
3. Institutionalize the relation between the public prosecution, security apparatuses and other relevant
4. Develop and modernize legislation governing the work of the public prosecution
5. Develop legislation governing criminal trial proceedings

1. Establish a complementary institutional relationship between the Ministry of Justice and the Judicial
Authority, based on constitutional amendments and developing pertinent draft laws
2. Put mechanisms in place to coordinate the relationship between the Ministry of Justice and the Judicial
Authority that covers:
• Annual budget
• Court infrastructure and services
• Court support staff
• Public and international relations
• Information technology and communication
• Other development projects
3. Guarantee the implementation of the Strategic Plan from the Judicial Authority and the Ministry of Justice
4. Enhance services provided to the public at courts, in coordination with the Ministry of Justice

1. Institutionalize cooperation with the Jordanian Bar Association
2. Enhance cooperation and coordination with law schools
3. Enhance cooperation and coordination with civil society organizations
4. Activate and develop relations with the media
5. Develop work procedures with government institutions and security apparatuses

1. Contribute to guaranteeing access to justice
2. Contribute to integrating the legal culture within the educational systems
3. Contribute to building public awareness on the role of the Judicial Authority and its judicial upgrade
4. Contribute to building awareness of citizen’s rights, duties, basic freedoms and their equality before
the law under a rule of law state